Total 7 Scenes for 120 Minutes (1 intermission)

Consisting of various genres of music and dance, such as ballet,

b-boying, hip-hop, locking, poppin, girls hip-hop, waacking, voguing, krump, and house


One day, a hip-hop plaza is formed in front of a ballet studio, which sparks a fierce “battle” between the ballerinas from the studio and the street dancers gathering at the plaza caused by their pride in their own genre of dance.

Ballerina Lian loses her heart, however, to a b-boy named Sun at first glance.

Ballerina Who Loved a B-boy depicts the frictions among social groups prevalent in the 21st century society and suggests solutions needed to resolve them.

In this work, Ballerinas symbolize the aristocratic culture of the established, ruling, and upper class while street dancers does the popular culture of the unestablished, underprivileged, and minority class.