Ballerina Who Loved a B-boy

An innovative mix of ballet and street dance!

Don’t worry about the language!  This is non-verbal.

Just watch and feel our ballerina’s heartfelt love for a b-boy!


As of 2019, Ballerina Who Loved a B-boy has fascinated over 3,000,000 people of all ages through over 5,000 shows performed in the United States, UK, Japan, China, and Singapore, including a series of year-round shows in Korea.


“Korea’s Ballerina Who Loved a B-boy is creating quite a stir with its compelling blend of breakdance, street dance and ballet.”
– Review by Kelly Apter, The Scotsman (daily newspaper, UK)


“It’s amazing! Blending B-boying with ballet is a truly creative idea. This show appears to remain timelessly as a symbol of the 21st century.”
– Review by Marc Routh, (Broadway musical director and producer, USA)


“This show is just beautiful! Wonderful! Breakdance was born in New York but I see it reborn (here in Korea)”
– Review by Wesley Snipes (Hollywood star, USA)


One day, a hip-hop plaza is formed in front of a ballet studio, which sparks a fierce “battle” between the ballerinas from the studio and the street dancers gathering at the plaza caused by their pride in their own genre of dance.

Ballerina Lian loses her heart, however, to a b-boy named Sun at first glance….

Ballerina Who Loved a B-boy

depicts the frictions among social groups prevalent in the

21st century society and suggests solutions needed to resolve them.

In this work, ballerinas symbolize the aristocratic culture of the established, ruling, and upper class while street dancers do the popular culture of the unestablished, underprivileged, and minority class.